Geneva’s Unemployment Rate Too High?

People around the world are envious of the Swiss and their financial security and employment rates. Even though Switzerland has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, the rates in some major cities is slowly rising. Major cities like Zurich and Geneva have had generally stable unemployment rates over the past years, until recently. Geneva specifically has faced a 2% increase in unemployment brining it above the national average. According to the LeNews they explained, “Zurich, currently at 3.6% typically hovers around the national average, while Geneva, currently at 5.6% is consistently 2% higher than the national figure.”

Even though a 5.6% unemployment rate is fairly manageable for a city the size of Geneva, the real concern lies in the reasons why the rate has been slowly climbing. The two major cities in Switzerland of Zurich and Geneva are generally hot spots for jobs. Even though Zurich is keeping their job openings active, Geneva is slowing down in creating new jobs which has affected the rate of employment drastically. It takes roughly 200% longer to get a job in Geneva than it does in Zurich. It takes on average 140 days land a job in Geneva, many are confused as in why it is so much more difficult to get a job in Geneva.

The answer to this questions is fairly basic, different cultures and demographics are the determining factors in why these cities have varied employment rates. The languages spoken and the number of foreigners play a large role in the numbers. The demand for bilingual speakers is crucial in major cities due to the number of foreigners populating Geneva and Zurich.

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