Geneva University Hospital: Doctor Infected

Felix Baez Sarria, doctor of Cuban decent, currently at Geneva University Hospital after his overseas trip in Sierra Leone where he contracted the ebola virus.

The Cuban doctor arrived at HUG (Geneva University Hospital Intensive Care Unit) Friday. He is being taken care under tight security and a tightly isolated area of the hospital. The Local reported, “The 43-year-old doctor was one of about 165 Cuban medics working in Sierra Leone to try to stem the outbreak that has killed nearly 5,500 people and infected 15,351, mainly in west Africa, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization.”

Cuban Ebola patient in Geneva 'improving' According to the doctors in the Intensive Care Unit, they believe Sarria is recovering and is now able to eat, sit up on his own and early blood tests have shown he has improved significantly. They also claimed that he is only a few days away from being no longer infectious.

Dr. Sarria’s wife, Vania Ferrer, is very optimistic about the recovery of her husband, ““Felix is deliberate, calm, and a very good father, son, husband and doctor. He is very human,” Ferrer said, adding that in their conversations she felt he was “in very good spirits and very positive, since they are sure this will all turn out well.”

Dr. Felix Baez Sarria is being treated with, “Mab, a first-generation antibody cocktail resembling ZMapp, provided by hospitals in Paris.” HUG said. With his health improving he should be out of the hospital soon after he is cleared to be completely non infectious.

Ebola has claimed over five thousand lives since the outbreak and doctors from all over the world like Felix Baez Sarria put themselves in the line of fire by heading into West Africa to help the sick and help treatment centers.Even though Dr. Sarria was infected with Ebola, he was able to walk off the transport plane when it landed in Switzerland. Many hope this is a sign that the disease is starting to slow down in magnitude. Only time and research will tell, but it is a positive that Dr. Sarria will be okay and make a full recovery.


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