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Geneva University Hospital: Doctor Infected

Felix Baez Sarria, doctor of Cuban decent, currently at Geneva University Hospital after his overseas trip in Sierra Leone where he contracted the ebola virus. The Cuban doctor arrived at HUG (Geneva University Hospital Intensive Care Unit) Friday. He is being taken care under tight security and a tightly isolated area of the hospital. The Local reported, “The 43-year-old doctor was… Read more →

Lake Geneva: Testing?

Lake Geneva, known for its peace and tranquility, coffee shops and scenic views of the beautiful lake. This seemingly peaceful area has been interrupted according to residents of the Lake region. On October 31, 2014, several volunteers were willingly injected with a small portion of the Ebola virus. The reason is for medical purposes, in hope to find a vaccination… Read more →

WHO Meeting About Ebola

In Geneva, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) met for two days to discuss the Ebola virus and its outbreak in Western Africa.  The emergency committee met to discuss their role and decide whether the outbreak is a “public health emergency of international concern.”  This according to Islands Business.  This will be a historic two-day conference as it was… Read more →