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International Affair Talks Take Place In Geneva

Geneva is the host to a very important international political discussion involving the United Nations but more importantly for these meeting in Geneva, between The United State of America, China, France, Germany, and Russia as they attempt to resolve the ever going problem of weapons of mass destruction with Iran. US diplomat John Kerry will be meeting with Iranian officials… Read more →

Top 5 Attractions in Geneva

5. Archaeological Site at St. Pierre’s Cathedral Located on the peak and heart of Geneva’s old town, St. Pierre’s Cathedral offers many activities for all types of tourists. To start, located at the top of the old town, the breathtaking view alone gives the the Cathedral the view of the Swiss Alps. This view is priceless and if you are lucky… Read more →

WHO Meeting About Ebola

In Geneva, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) met for two days to discuss the Ebola virus and its outbreak in Western Africa.  The emergency committee met to discuss their role and decide whether the outbreak is a “public health emergency of international concern.”  This according to Islands Business.  This will be a historic two-day conference as it was… Read more →